Become a Better Painter:

Lunch With Natalia Andreeva

Saturday, December 19

12:00PM – 2:00PM

Natalia Andreeva, a very successful painter and teacher will be with us for lunch, Saturday, December 19, from noon to 2:00 at the Pines & Palms Cigar Factory Art Space, 1815 E. Clay St, Thomasville.  As a teacher she has learned how to give valuable painting critiques.  Natalia says, “Too often teachers worry about hurting the artist’s feelings; to me we all can be better painters by asking for teachers’ clear suggestions. That is what I will do during lunch.”   She asks that you send her one or two photos of your paintings to her email,, by December 12.  She will use these to create a PowerPoint presentation to explain how your painting can be stronger. The cost is $40 and includes lunch; registration will close on December 13. The event must have at least 4 registrants and will have a maximum of 10 registrants.